The errors that prevent it from reactivate the metabolism

L’summer è the time is right for wake up the metabolism between the sea, long walks, healthy food and a lot of sport, it could be the physique we have always dreamed of without making, at least in part, the minimum amount of effort. You have toò always be careful not to make mistakes that might prevent us from wake up the metabolism (to find out what’è metabolism follow our article) and lose weight in a hurry without difficultyà.

According to l’the Observatory Nestlé Foundation the ADI for 93% of italians knows l’importance of a balanced and varied diet, but about 32% of these people try to be careful what you consume at the table only in certain periods of the’year, such as shortly before the fateful test suit. In the same way, because all’; they are full of temptations, the holiday, according to data collected from the’Observatory, this is the time più dangerous to get fat, becauseè we tend to grant that the più.

But what are the  secrets to re-activate the metabolism and what are the mistakes not to make. To explain it is; Giuseppe Fairy, scientific coordinator of the dell’Observatory Nestlé-the ADI Foundation “variable’s power is, in fact, the first step to help our metabolism to “change the dress” and a good habit to feel più in the form without compromising what più we like” explained the “Also during the summer period is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and active”

“important to introduce at least 2 liters of water per day to replace lost fluids and consume from 3 to 5 servings of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Varietyà the food goes to the needà to take the different food groups in the correct quantity; to ensure a proper intake of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids)”.

let’s See some basic rules for not to block the metabolism and reactivate it in a hurry (to learn the 5 rules to wake up the metabolism). For first what to avoid consuming meals loose, remember that breakfast è the meal più important of the day for this reason should never be skipped. During the day, then eaten the three main meals,  i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner united states a two fresh snacks and light meals.

In the summer there are a lot of vegetables are tasty and fresh that you can use to prepare salads, create different using zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants, or corn, potatoes, tuna and mozzarella.

In the summer, &is crucial to consume lots of water to hydrate and regain the lost liquids. Is th is; no sugar, no to carbonated drinks and sugar-sweetened excessively. If you fancy something tasty, you can eat a nice popsicle fruit or granita fresh and tasty.L’summer is the best time of the’year for the activitiesà physics all’open air.

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