Eating too much aging

Eat too much, up almost to feel burst, is really a very bad habit, not only because it helps to increase pounds our body, putting your health at risk, but also becauseè, it would also age very più quickly.

Quest’s latest discovery, really revolutionary has been done by researchers at dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Rome, they have identified a new molecule that would be able to preserve the youth of the brain.

This particular molecule is activated forò only if you eat less.

Therefore, following a proper and balanced power to the table you can; stay in shape, in health, preventing diseases, and above all, eating well can also; help us to preserve the health of our brain, causing us to age less quickly. The particular molecule, discovered by a team of researchers has been nicknamed CREB1 può only be activated by a diet low in calorie content. The task of the molecule would be to activate the other genes that are important and fundamental to guarantee the longevità and to obtain a good functioning of the brain.

the head of scientific research dr Pani said: “The hope is that you find the way to activate CREB1, for example through new drugs, even without having to undergo a strict diet” he explained. The caloric restriction (a diet with a low calorie content) is not particularly drastic, even if it usually tends to limit l’caloric intake.

With this diet usually you should consume about 30 percent less than the food that in a normal situation you would eat.

If you find yourself in front of people with obesityà and diabetes, this type of a calorie-restrictive diet may be the solution to regain the weight and stay healthy. If instead we treat subjects who have già reached the weight should be able to use an alternative solution to stimulating molecule as an anti aging.

Also, according to other studies that have been done to the people that are già suffering from obesityà would be of the greatest benefit when they follow a diet caloric restriction and would be more results with regard to the prevention of brain health.

All of usò, therefore, confirms that già for a long time, argued some scholars, namely, that the excess pounds are not only harmful for the physical, but also for the mind. Those who do not è in the weight, in fact, has more chanceà to develop the alzheimer’Alzheimer.

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