If you eat fast fattening more quickly: it was confirmed by two scientific studies

few know it, but eating fast is grease. Is a topic that già più times we have faced, but two studies brand new confirm this theory and make it even more puzzling. The first study is the one performed by the researchers of the Department of Human Nutrition dell’Università of Otago in New Zealand where it has been found that women who devote little time to the meals most at risk of becoming fat or worse, obese.  The second scientific study instead è was carried out by the scientists of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and has demonstrated that eating quickly leads to an increased risk of developing diabetes.

Eating in a hurry cause obesityà and diabetes

Very often we rush our meals because of the lack of time and stress. During one study, which was attended by more than 1500 lord’età greater than 40 years, è showed that the hurry and the food, added together, do not go for anything d’agreement, in fact, cause serious damage to health, and are one of the causes of the weight excess. In the study were taken into consideration several factors, such as the weight, l’body mass index (BMI), l’età l’ethnicity, smoking, l’activitiesà physics, and menopausal status.

From the findings it is came to the conclusion that eating fast leads to an increased risk of getting fat, a situation which does not occur in the cases of people who eat più slow, though between the two meals, c’è parità of calories. Thereò you è due to the fact that if you eat in a hurry and do not chew enough it complicates the digestion.

Eating in a hurry would also cause serious damage to health. A team of researchers of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has shown that eating quickly promotes l’weight increase which consequently leads l’occurrence of the type 2 diabetes (find out the right diet for those who suffer from diabetes).

 The research involved approximately 702 people, including 234 who had had type 2 diabetes.

The volunteers who participated in the research were invited to fill in a questionnaire in which they described their food habits and life. Thanks to this study it was possible to discover that people who eat più quickly as other people who has a 2.5 probabilityà in più to suffer from a form of type 2 diabetes.

The researchers have in fact declared “The prevalence of the type 2 diabetes is on the rise globally and it is becoming a pandemic in the world. Seems to involve l’interaction between susceptible genetic backgrounds and environmental factors”.

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