Amazing discovery: chocolate helps you lose weight

A news fabulous comes thanks to a scientific study for all those who are fond of chocolate. This sweet, tasty and very good, in fact, would be not only a friend of the health, but even help you to lose pounds. Just così, you have understood well, the chocolate is;, l’they said of the scientist, a friend of the line.

To confirm this, è was a study of the prestigious University of California, San Diego that è was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The team of researchers has carried out a long research on a group of volunteers of which has been controlled after a tight control of the weight, l’intake of calories and l’body mass index. At the end of the research it is found that the chocolate (see for yourself all the benefits) può really help people to lose weight.

According to the team of researchers in california, and in fact, people who eat chocolate very often è più skinny compared to the people who eat it only occasionally. The researcher who led the study, Beatrice Golomb, explained how the composition of the chocolate can be really useful to be able to lose weight “And’ the composition of the calories and not the number of them to determine l’impact on weight,” explained Golomb.

The cocoa is, in fact, is rich in epicatechin, a substance that helps to burn the calories and allows you to improve the muscle mass. Of course, before you overeat chocolate to lose weight you have to make a’important distinction. Andrea Ghiselli, researcher dell’INRAN, Rome, explained, “a Lot of studies on chocolate are conducted with chocolate special, rich in catechins and low in fat (exactly the opposite of usò that is in the trade): catechins belong to the family of polyphenols, which are responsible for positive effects on blood pressure and the metabolism of sugars, as well as on the levels of blood cholesterol” explained  Ghiselli.

“it’s a Pity that the chocolate marketed is different and that in order to have the same quantityà of the beneficial substances is necessary to normally take also pounds of saturated fats“.

But the power of the chocolate does not stop here, suffice it to say that an obese american has lost more than 90 pounds thanks to the diet of the chocolate. Of course, this food must always be inserted all’inside of a healthy balanced diet to help you to lose weight. For example, here is a small example of balanced diet in which is inserted the chocolate.

  • Breakfast: hot chocolate with 6 almonds, two teaspoons of sugar, 3 cookies full of
  • snack: yogurt natural semi-skimmed milk
  • lunch: 80 grams of pasta with fresh tomatoes and a plate of vegetables.
  • snack: fruit juice without sugar and a small piece of bitter chocolate
  • dinner: – grilled swordfish with boiled vegetables

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