Drastic diets and sports forced not help you lose weight

The extreme diets and sport forced is not the right solution for you to get back into shape and lose weight. Many people in fact are convinced that in devoting himself to the sport in an obsessive way and sweating a lot you to succeedà lose weight, if to all this we add also a diet that is super drastic, devoid of any type of food and portions to minimum, it seems impossible to think you can’t lose weight.

actuallyà forò the situation is quite different, and sport forced and drastic diets are not the right solution in order to lose weight.  Alessandro Follaro, technical director of the Salaria Sport Village, it is certain that this mix may not lead to any result, “The extreme diets and a’activitiesà physics forced not are absolutely good,” said “the Council, on the contrary attending the gym at least 3 times a week, becauseé also the body should be able to get used to training everyday”.

How to lose weight: a healthy diet, no crash diets

Therefore, in order to give good results, l’exercise of the body should be steady and progressive, only in this way, the body is able toà qualify’s workout. In this case there are about three exercises more effective, but the main rule is always to unite the sport to a healthy diet and is well balanced.

for example, you Can choose the aerobics, in order to lose weight and reshape the body. You can also use the strength machines, to be able to tone the areas of the body that are most at risk. To reshape the whole body, then a wide space for free exercises with balls, elastic, weights always summed to a  healthy and balanced diet.

it’ s this, according to experts, the real recipe for the health and beauty of the body. But as it should be, great lines, a healthy and balanced diet? Simple, say no to fatty foods by decreasing the number of daily calories and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. As always, then it is recommended that you drink lots of water and forego alcohol and sweetened drinks. In conclusion you will have to follow the so-called mediterranean diet.

How do you explain l’expert “The ultimate aim of improving their physique, also translates to a need of accomplishment on a subconscious level. Improve, improve. The body and the mind, but especially the person”, remember, l’expert, claims that behind the needà be più belli, c’è only the need to stay well physically, but also psychologically. The relationship with the body is closely linked to the psychological well-being, and when s’begins a diet it should never be forgotten”

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