The perfect line is achieved with chocolate and sports

Good news for all the gluttons always in a struggle with the balance and with the chiletti too. A recent search, in fact, has demonstrated that one of the best ways to achieve the perfect line is; combine chocolate and sports. The chocolate and sport the combined total would therefore be the solution to being thin and in shape always. Nutritionists have pointed out the più times chocolate is a  good for your health, but also to be able to hold the line. The pure chocolate in fact, è rich in antioxidants and is; l’best food to combine with the sport to lose the rolls of too and shape your body.

To explain the results of these studies that locate in the chocolate and in sports the perfect formula to regain the physical form that you want to has thought of Carmine Orlandi, nutritionist ” The chocolate enters fully into the diet of an athlete,” explained Orlandi “And this especially becauseé è a great source of antioxidants, called polyphenols, which are characterized by a bright colour, intense, and that we find in other foods, such as red wine or blueberries”

“The main virtù of an antioxidant for the athlete is to protect the fibres dell’s cardiovascular system and, in general, of all that’ smuscles from the stress, even traumatic (resulting i.e.; barrel, or the clashes of the game in contact sports)”.

in Addition, the research has shown that eating chocolate può help reduce pressure in all those people who suffer from this very common disorder, in addition, the chocolate is the best cure for maintain the health of the veins and arteries. L’only thing to remember forò è always one to prefer the dark chocolate, since it is it is found a higher concentration of cocoa, and therefore, also of polyphenols. The chocolates, such as milk, are rich in other nutrients, calories and fats, thickeners and sugars.

“And it’ s advisable’s intake immediately after l’training” explained Carmine Orlandi “the presence of The polyphenols in cocoa conducive to the recovery of the muscle glycogen”.

dr. John Melchiorri, a doctor in the national men’s water polo, has confirmed this hypothesis “it Is definitely good for the athlete. In water polo we do not apply special restrictions, even if, obviously, the line è that of the right consumer, not eccedendone in the quantityà. We use it as a snack: the athletes train for up to five hours per day, including the gym, swimming and playing in the tub. In this case, the bread and chocolate, a bit’ of the old…afternoon snack of grandma’s, &is very good”.

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