Sarah Michelle Gellar lean body thanks to pilates and a healthy diet

we have Often wondered what are the beauty secrets of the stars and how they manage to stay in shape despite the many temptations at the table, and the change of life (pregnancy, new boyfriend, etc…). In several previous articles we have tried to give you some advice about the diet of the star, but this time we want to focus l’attention on the beautiful actress Sarah Michell Gellar.

L’american actress became famous thanks to the tv series Buffy the vampire slayer in which it played the role of a sexy vampire slayer, after two pregnancies and l’età advancing, Sarah still manages to maintain an enviable physical. But what’è the secret of it? To reveal it is she, herself, in a’interview with the magazine Health, where he revealed the secrets of his healthy diet and has told the sportswomen who works every day to stay beautiful and in shape.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has confessed to be very careful thereò which eats up, not only to stay in line, but also for its wellness. L’actress explained that after the pregnancy began to take more and more of its diet by consuming sushi, doing so much pilates and following a balanced diet.

“I do Not like to do anything all’open” explained Sarah about sports 2Ma I’m happy all the same on a treadmill. I like the Pilates. I grew up in, and I still have a scoliosis important. Grew up in Manhattan, we had our backpack, but we were così attentive to the trends that no one wanted to put a backpack on both shoulders, and nearly all the girls I grew up with the have (scoliosis) to some extent, all of which were lopsided. Pilates is not only a great workout, but reduces a lot of hassles” explained l’actress.

Her, forò speaks clearly and has no secrets special for weight loss: “I do Not think that you can deceive the body. I eat healthy, I exercise, I love food, but I do not like the junk food. I mean, we are women. We take five pounds, lose them, according to dell’s the water, of the moon, a cycle of anything. Così you just have to try to stay in shape.”

L’actress also pointed out l’importance of a proper education all’s healthy, “To my daughter, we have già taught to love the healthy cooking. We carry it with us on Saturday evening dedicated to sushi, and no one could believe that she had known inhaled. I think that is important at a young age to know the different tastes. We do for you juice green. And it’ s pretty much everything, but made in the kitchen. Go to the market farmers have to buy everything, put it only in the blender: cabbage, beets, carrots, celery. All that remains is to give it a name. Now we have begun to drink at all, and we are all più healthy”

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