The activities that do burn 100 calories without efforts

If you have decided to put you in diet and eliminate some of the roll too, the most important tip is to combine a healthy diet all’activitiesà physics. Movement and sport can in fact help you lose weight and burn calories. If you’re not drawn to sport and do not want to spend hours and hours in the gym, we suggest you some activities; there willà to allow lose 100 calories

Come bruciare 100 calorie

there Are so many activities; which will allow you to lose 100 calories and that you can do when you are on a diet. For example, if you want to give a fresh look to your apartment, you can repaint the walls of your home. If you decide to do it alone for at least thirty minutes you will burn more than 100 calories.

Not only the painting, also only a couple of hours of sleep can help you burn 100 calories. If you have a dog and want to give him a lovely bath and know that with this activity; at least an hour will burn over 100 calories.

If you want to try a new sport is not too demanding, we recommend the pilates, the exercises are simple to do at home you will beà only 20 minutes to burn 100 calories. Good news if you are a fan of the kitchen, the only activityà cook, there willà every day you lose 100 calories if you practice for at least 40 minutes.

the fishing, a sport fairly sedentary, will allowà instead of losing weight, suffice it to say that every 40 minutes of fishing you eliminate 100 calories. Also riding is a sport that helps you consume calories, you’ll have to trot through the woods on a horse for only 20 minutes, stay in shape and eliminate 100 calories too much.

burn calories streamline the physical and get back in shape are also great walks, we needà to walk about 20 minutes briskly to burn more than 100 calories. For example, you may go out with the dog for a walk or walk listening to the music. At parties you like to dance? Good for you! It only takes a 20 minutes of energetic dances to say goodbye to the rolls too, the same applies to l’hoola hoop, a fun and simple game.

Among the activities; they do consume 100 calories, we finally find golf: with the launch of 156 balls a’now, you can claim to have burned 100 calories, which happens even when you want to wash your car and clean it well.

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