Cortisone: the right diet to follow in order to not to gain weight

Often when you take the cortisone, due to a disease, particularly for long periods of time, a contraindication può be a weight gain. For this reason, the diet for people taking cortisone must have as its goal the consumption of healthy foods to avoid grease. Cortisone is a medicine very common and is used to treat many diseases and different disorders, such as l’arthritis, l’asthma, and allergic rhinitis, or più in general, the diseases of the skin.

One of the contraindications of the più annoying cortisone is precisely the fact that this medicine can; lead to swelling, but also many other nuisances such as l’sleeplessness; l’acne, l’hypertension, l’osteoporosis, l’hyperglycemia and, therefore, l’weight gain. Thanks to the diet, this risk can be averted, will we needà to follow one’ shealthy balanced diet.

The diet for those who take the cortisone

The first key thing to know is that, if we are in the presence of a disease that requires the consumption of cortisone is necessary to consult your doctor. The basic rule to follow however is to always try to keep one’s power both the più possible to correct and healthy, based on light foods without fats, especially those of the animal type. No to alcohol and fried foods or foods that are too difficult to digest.

it Is very important to always follow a low salt diet in order to avoid favouring in the’body to the stagnation of the liquids with a higher concentration of protein. If you follow a cure based on cortisone, therefore, consumed in abundance in foods such as skim milk, egg, white meat and fish, but also rice or even pasta, extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, vegetables and fruit, sugars, and salt.

it Is recommended then to reduce the consumption of sauces, sauces and condiments rich in salt and fat. If you take cortisone you should eat foods rich in potassium such as beans, lentils, peas, spinach, fennel, potatoes, tomato, asparagus, pineapple, melon, grapes, apricots, peanuts, dried figs, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts, carrots, sole, trout, rabbit, pork and beef.

Among the foods to avoid during therapy of cortisone we find the food too fatty, very seasoned and with cooking just healthy. Also deleted the fatty cheese and those that are too salty, the sausages and all of the meats, the food preserved in brine, those with condiments of animal origin, but also the sauces and creams rich sweet sugar.

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