Choose l’vinegar just to lose weight when you’re on a diet

L’vinegar is one of the best food that can help us during the diet to lose weight. In the market there are many types of vinegar that will allow you to season all your dishes, giving it a good flavor and not adding virtually no calories. In this way, you can always enjoy, thanks to the’ svinegar dishes rich in flavour and tasty. But what is the vinegar to choose for diet? Let’ s how to find l’vinegar right to the diet.

L’vinegar, contrary to what many people are thinking, not to lose weight, but simply può help to season the dishes to calories zero. Thanks all’s vinegar, in fact, you can delete the sale from your salad and put just a little’ of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil.
C’è only one rule with regard to l’vinegar, namely, that we should not consume too much because it; is a product acid, just for this reason, we must not overdo it to avoid blame heartburn.

L’vinegar just to lose weight

In the market there are many types of vinegar, here’s how to choose the best for your diet. The first thing we make a distinction between the’white vinegar wine has a taste more delicate, and the red one, that è più bitter and strong. Then there are other types of vinegar such as the one of rice, mostly consumed by the japanese and that it favors the digestion and helps the detoxification process.

L’apple cider vinegar è instead a type of very used in diets, becauseé it helps as a diuretic and can counteract water retention. Furthermore, this type of vinegar has very few calories, there are only 15 in 100 grams. And it’ s excellent l’vinegar apple is perfect to clean up l’intestine, in particular after a period of hype to the table. Finally, we find l’balsamic vinegar può be di Modena, or of Reggio Emilia and has a bittersweet taste. This vinegar goes well as a condiment for dishes based on fish or meat, but also the ones with the vegetables and fruit. This type of vinegar contains about 100 calories per 100 grams.

Very often in the diets is not recommended l’balsamic vinegar because; it is considered too caloric, actuallyà not è così asè l’balsamic vinegar has a low caloric content, amounting to about 100 Kcal per 100 grams. In addition, this vinegar is perfect as a condiment in replacement of oils, fats and butter finally helps the digestion.

To confirm this, also a study carried out in Japan by a group of researchers at the Central Research Institute of Nakamura have shown how the l’acetic acid content in the’balsamic vinegar help to reactivate the metabolism.

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