The right diet if you have l’hernia

When you suffer from hernia, it is necessary to follow a specialized diet. The diet for people who suffer from hernia , in fact, has the purpose, as medical therapy to try to alleviate this annoying noise indicating the foods to avoid and which ones to prefer. L’s hernia is a disorder that affects many people and that può be of different type: hiatal, cord and groin. In the case of the’hiatal hernia diet occupies a privileged place because; può be effective to heal the heartburn that accompany this type of hernia. We see, therefore, the diet to be followed, in particular in case you suffer from hiatal hernia, and più in general, hernia, and what are the basic rules of this diet.

diet to follow if you are suffering from hernia

Before studying the diet to follow in case you suffer from hernia, we try to understand what are the symptoms of’hiatal hernia, on which the right diet può be truly effective. Usually the symptoms of this disorder are very common: heartburn and regurgitation,chronic gastroesophageal reflux, and in the cases più serious, ulcers and bleeding.

L’primary objective of the diet in this case is to avoid in every way constipation which often is one of the main factors that cause this type of hernia. This explains the fact that in western countries, where the consumption of vegetables and fruit è più reduced, many people suffer from hiatal hernia, while in the eastern countries, where l’s power is based on vegetables and fiber l’hiatal hernia is very rare.

diet, and a’ sbalanced diet can help you to eliminate the problem. The first thing you should do smaller meals, and very frequent, limiting the consumption of meals that are processed and fatty. In the second place, before going to sleep after a meal, wait at least two hours in order to complete the digestion finally chew very well every bite, and slowly. Do activitiesà physical, but without subjecting to excessive stresses that may worsen your hiatal hernia.

In general, the diet against l’s hernia needs to be low-calorie and salt, limiting consumption of fats, which make it difficult to digestion and also promote the reflux. Avoid the smoke, fatty foods and l’alcohol. Every day, consume plenty of lean protein, such as fish or chicken, and prepared foods baking them steamed and baked in foil.

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