Stomach pain? Follow our diet

When the stomach the first thing to do is to follow a diet that can help reduce the discomfort and to foster the digestion. The causes of stomach pain can be different, and as always, especially if the discomfort persists, it is best to consult a physician. If, instead, the cause of the stomach is directly connected to the’ spower by following the right diet sarà can improve this discomfort. You will know exactly which foods to eat and what not to read our article on stomach pain, while getting to know the right diet, we recommend this article.

The diet against stomach

The first thing to do when you experience the first symptoms of the stomach pain is to avoid all spicy foods, but also other drinks and foods such as coffee; and t&is; and the spirits which have as a result to irritate your stomach possible to argue the hassle. Try not to overdo it with the fat and remember, that if you follow a bland diet, healthy and balanced for a certain period of time in a short time you will feel better immediately.

the first thing you consume a good quantity; fruits and vegetables by entering in your diet cabbage, potato, carrot, pumpkin, fennel, lettuce, apple, grapes, and almonds that are rich in propertiesà regenerating. If you do not experience the feeling of hunger, remember not to eat for strength, and indeed in this case a few days of liquid diet may help you solve your problem. If you feel a strong sense of nausea and the stomach it goes you can also use an old remedy food that was used by the peasants eating a nice piece of bread with a few flakes of parmesan cheese.

menù to follow if you have a sore stomach

let’s now See what should be the menù daily what to do if you have stomach pain. For breakfast for example, you can consume a cup of whole milk, warmed, accompanied by a slice of fruit tart or 4 slices toast with honey. As a snack of metà in the morning we recommend a seasonal fruit or a fruit salad. To lunch consumed 70 grams of white rice with olive oil and parmesan cheese or with a sauce is very light, or with vegetables as a side dish eat a plate of grilled vegetables and if you like 100 gr of ricotta cheese.

For snack in the midà the afternoon, eat, then a fruit or a yogurt, always at the fruit, while the dinner it is recommended to eat 200 grams of boiled potatoes, seasoned raw with dell’s oil and white fish lean steamed and seasoned with spices and herbs.

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