The rules for reducing l’appetite

Especially when it is a diet l’appetite is the worst enemy and is almost always lurking. In these periods, especially the hunger seems to abandon us, and never becomes a thought costastante that instead of decrease increases. the to Reduce the’ appetite forò not è impossible, you just need to follow some simple tips to be able to decrease the’appetite and reach without too many sacrifices in the desired weight by following the diet.

it is Not necessary to always stay hungry or resist for too long to win the hunger, but l’important è especially to find the right strategy to stop the’appetite. Hence all the advice to reduce the’appetite.

The rules in order to reduce the’appetite

The first basic rule to reduce l’appetite is to consume lots of fruits and vegetables fresh, especially between meals and l’another. These are foods that can stop the hunger without going to affect the line. These foods are especially suitable in the case of fruits drainage and diuretics like watermelon and melon, only forò in the case where they are not ingested immediately after eating. As far as the vegetables, the council is to eat celery, radishes, carrots, fennel and tomatoes, which is food rich in antioxidants and fiber, which are fundamental to be able to reduce the’appetite by giving you a sense of sazietà.

For this purpose, are also useful in proteins, further increasing the digestion time and allow you to significantly reduce the hunger. It is found in large quantity; in flesh, and in the lean fish, legumes and eggs. A’another fundamental rule is to drink throughout the day at least two litres d’water and a few cups of t&is or coffee without sugar.

reduce hunger a–another tip is to arrive at the table without thoughts. According to some studies, in fact, an overload of thoughts immediately before a lunch or dinner affects the digestion, causing a slowdown of the metabolism. To decrease the tension, therefore, do a little’ of meditation, or treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxation.

When you sit at the table, instead, avoids arguments, and give them anxiety, and eating very slowly. Finally, a’another technique to decrease  l’s appetite is to look at disgusting images, and horrifying, or before eating perform tasks that take away the fame, as, for example, clean the toilet or the litter box. In addition, according to some studies, also the colours have the abilityà to influence psychologically on the meaning of sazietà, the blue, therefore, is the best color for decrease l’appetite.

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