Weight loss weight loss in pregnancy: some useful tips

When you è in pregnancy, the fear of women is to gain weight and not be able then to lose weight after the birth. Despite what women think lose weight in pregnancy is it really possible to just follow some basic rules and some useful tips.

lose weight in pregnancy forò not depends only and solely a question of aesthetics, but also a matter of health, since it is taking too much weight during the nine months of sweet expectation, può be very dangerous to the fetal development and also for the health of the mother. In fact, if in the first period a woman in his body has accumulated too many kilos, in addition to all the specific exams, sarà also useful to check the diet of the pregnant woman.

women who go forò particularly kept under control are the ones that già before pregnancy were in a situation of overweight or even worse obesityà. Moreover è much moreù easy to keep under control the pounds in the first few months of pregnancy, towards the end of gestation.

The council, therefore, is to follow a diet that is very rich and particularly varied, with dishes based on vegetables and fruit, but also vitamins and minerals. Finally, it must be designed a specific diet to regulate the function of the’intestine, reduce l’absorption of cholesterol and sugar in order to avoid an excessive increase in weight.

weight loss in pregnancy: some useful tips

When you è in pregnancy, the first thing that you should avoid are animal fats, which are found in large quantityà butter and in the lard, you prefer l’oil d’ olive oil and lean meats such as chicken, the rabbit and the turkey. Avoid then all the dishes too rich and fat with the seasonings too salty. Pay close attention also to the consumption of sweets, in particular industrial ones, which do not have any nutritious but they are only rich in fat , and sugars that make you fat.

Instead of consumed fish frequently, becauseé è very easy to digest, rich in protein and is mostly devoid of fat. Avoid instead of follow the diet of fashion as the Dukan diet and all of those schemes are highly unbalanced, which in pregnancy become really dangerous. If you are pregnant, instead, consume lots of vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins such as for example carrots, banana, citrus, plums, dried fruit, broccoli, spinach, apricots, peaches, currants, apples, peas. Finally, do not forget that is very important to drink a lot of water, about two litres each day.

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