Get back in shape after l’summer: the secrets of the righteous

When you return from summer vacation &it is difficult to find the rhythms of daily life, between work, city traffic and problems. Così often you end up gorging of food, desperate for the end of the’summer and with the mind still in holiday. In quest’s article let us give you some advice for dealing with the return home after l’summer and get back into shape in a few easy steps.

The secrets of the righteous to get back in shape after l’summer

we See, then, what are the secrets and the right rules to get back in shape and rediscover well-being.

Move it!

The first step to be able to lose weight is to do the movement by adding l’activityà physics of the diet. For example, you may sign up in the gym, doing fitness with the help of a personal trainer, or by swimming, and activitiesà in the pool. If you really want to go to the gym, you can do gymnastics at home, servirà a nice pad, some simple exercise, and a background music.

instead, If you have a dog or you want to get yourself a chat with a’s friend and all’open air, cropped a bit’ of time (just a half’now for a brisk walking.

Choose an objective

To wear that’s the dress that much that you want or those jeans that are now tight give yourself a goal. Proceed in small steps and every now and then treat yourself to a prize, and a small gratification.

Mangia bene

A low-calorie diet can make you lose weight doesn’t have to be sad and boring, with the right imagination and good ingredients you can prepare many dishes light super delicious and unique flavour to stay on a diet with the smile.

beware of condiments

The things that make più grease in the food, especially the sauces and condiments. So try not to eat meals are too processed and used to flavour your food, use spices, such as chilli, cinnamon, l’chives or pepper, all tasty and without the calories.

Select the steam cooking

Also the way of cooking food them può make più or less fat. so Avoid the fried foods that are greasy and very difficult to digest, prefer instead the steaming light and super light.

Dite no alle cattive abitudini

Very often the extra pounds you can fight by simply saying good-bye to the bad habits. For example, take care all’aperitif, which usually has a lot of calories between snacks and cocktails from the super fat. Remember then to always do breakfast in order not to arrive too hungry to lunch.

Gratified, and always varies

A diet to be effective and help us to lose weight must be varied. Say no to diets that include the consumption of just one food, but prefer a varied diet.

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