For weight loss best to try whole grains

always nutritionists continue to repeat the whole grains are great for our health, but also to follow a balanced diet. d’today in fact, we are always più accustomed to eat refined grains, from which arise the bread, pasta, rice, biscuits and cakes, but is fundamental to our well-being consume every day is also a dose of whole grains that should be almost always substituted for refined, more fat and less healthy. According to recent research, about three-quarters of the italians are very far from consuming the amounts and categories of whole grains recommended from’s WHO, l’World Organization of the Sanità.

lose weight with whole grains

According to the dieticians and nutritionists at a balanced diet should contain a daily average of 5 portions of vegetables and fruit, in addition to 2 litres d’water, l’s use of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil for the dressing and replacement  of all the refined grains with whole grains. In fact, whole grains are a true elixir for our health and for our diet lightweight; they are perfect to lose weight and to stay in line, they also help to fight many diseases such as l’obesityà, the cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The propertyà slimming of the whole grains arise from the fact that these are particularly fiber-rich and for this reason promote the intestinal functions. According to Franca Marangoni, the director of research of the centro studi sull’s power of Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI), “The consumption of whole grains, in western countries, is progressively reduced in the last 50 years, until becoming almost insistent, to the refining of the flour: food modern are consequently poor in fibre – the constituent più known of the whole grains – but also other nutritional components important”.

Finally, the guidelines of the Companyà of human nutrition have established that in order to increase l’intake of fiber metà of the cereals that are consumed each day must be made up by the whole grains. People who regularly consume whole grains have a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, possess a better control of the weight, have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes , and finally to achieve a better distribution of the body fat with very less fat on the waistline.

The whole grains are particularly rich in bran and fiber which help to strengthen the immune system. Whole grains also contain minerals, vitamins and other bioactive substances such as fructani, phenolic acids, flavonoids, choline, associated with weight control; or l’alpha-linolenic acid, tocopherols, beta-carotene, phytosterols, which protect the cardiovascular system.

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