How to avoid eating at night and not to gain weight

The habit of eating at night is very dangerous for the line. Are many in fact, the people that, in certain periods of their life, they wake up in the middle of the night with the urge uncontrollable to put something under the teeth. The hunger pangs night, in fact, may be the result of many causes, starting from the simple stress up to one’s daily diet incorrect.

The hunger during the day forò è highly harmful for the health and for your physical shape suffice it to say that according to some recent studies, the calories of the foods that are eaten at night are not assimilated by the human body as those consumed by day, and for this reason lead to grease più.

Eating at night: a’s harmful habit

The syndrome dell’s night power supply è disorder and for this reason must be addressed and taken care of. The evening hunger is a condition that occurs when an imbalance in the relationship between sleep and vigil, for this reason, even during the night hours should be tasked with the sleep, starvation forces the’body to empty the fridge to stop the hunger that is gripping the stomach.

The symptoms that we can indicate that we suffer from this disease are:

  • l’absence of appetite in the morning
  • a–power excessive towards the late evening and especially in the night
  • a large difficultyà to sleep
  • continuous night awakenings with the excessive hunger
  • stress or depression.

This disorder can have disastrous effects on the line, in fact, the metabolism, burning in a very più fast of calories in the morning, at night, in the hours designated as sleep, metabolism, è much moreù slow. Thereò means that when you eat at night you come to grease più easily.

How to stop eating at night

When you suffer from hunger, night is necessary to face the problem from two points, namely, the food and the psychological. To be able to stop eating at night it is important to first of all keep one’s supply that is healthy and balanced throughout the day. In addition, it is advisable to drink a lot, about two liters of water a day and always remember not to dine too late. The dinner will haveà be light and tasty and you’ll have to end it with a relaxing herbal tea for the digest and sleep well.

According to the researchers who also suffers from the syndrome of the’night power supply, è also depressed or suffer from anxiety in 45% of cases. If this not enough you should contact a professional to treat the disorder from the psychological point of view.

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