The mediterranean diet: the properties of the’olio d’olive oil

Very often people who are on a diet think that weight loss is necessary to delete all of the condiments, even l’oil d’olive oil. In reality, however, this reasoning is absolutely wrong, becauseè è true that to lose weight you should eliminate seasonings as heavy as butter, lard and margarine, but è also true that a valid substitute for the latter could be l’oil d’olive oil.

L’oil d’olive oil, in fact, is a true panacea for your health and è l’s basic element, together with the tomatoes, the famous the mediterranean diet. This food has, therefore, propertiesà the only ones that can help fight numerous recurrence and problems, it will only take three or four teaspoons of oil per day to season your dishes, making them tasty and protect you from diabetes. L‘olive’s olive in addition, &is an excellent remedy against cholesterol, thereò you è due to the fact that it contains the monounsaturated fats that have the capacity to reduce a third l’accumulation of fat in the liver.

To underline the great propertiesà for the health of dell’olio d’olive oil has thought of an Italian study that has been conducted by the researchers of the Società italiana of diabetology (SId) dell’Università di Napoli Federico II, with a research that has been presented to the congress of the’European Association For The Study Of Diabetes (Easd).

scholars have analyzed 45 patients with type 2 diabetes who followed a diet rich in monounsaturated fats. At the end of the research it was found that the diet had permitted to reduce l’accumulation of grease 25-30%. “The monounsaturated fatty acids are thereforeò extremely useful for diabetics” explained the dot. Rivellese, at the head of the study “to liver steatosis in the’80% of the cases: steatosis, in fact, è related to the’insulin resistance, può be involved in the’onset and progression of diabetes and può have other deleterious consequences on health”.

Recommended to all consultations, excellent for dressing any dish to give more taste and to make every thing più good. Light and healthy, l’oil d’olive oil is a true ally of health.

As explained by Andrea Ghiselli researcher dell’s national research Institute on food and nutrition (Inran) “a number of scientific studies have confirmed that, thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acid, l’extra virgin olive allows a reduction of the colesteroloLdl (the bad one) and increase the good (Hdl)”

“Three tablespoons, in place of other condiments, are recommended in a healthy balanced diet: one può use for pasta, the other for seconds and two servings of vegetables recommended per day from’Inran”

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