4 reasons why your grain quinoa can help you lose weight

The quinoa, which is improperly called a grain, is in reality a herbaceous plant that può be forò used in a similar way to cereals. Originates in South America and has been for centuries, l’a staple food of the andean peoples, who considered it a sacred plant. The quinoa is a close relative of spinach, kale, turnips and swiss chard.

quinoa is a food with important propertiesà nutrients: it is rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. Does not contain gluten, and especially dà the person who takes a high sense of sazietà. Quest’last factor made the quinoa popular in the diet, as a wheat alternative that helps weight loss.

quinoa to lose weight

Here are the 4 main reasons for the quinoa può to facilitate the weight loss:

1. High content of proteins and minerals

The seeds of quinoa are rich in essential amino acids and minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium. Quinoa has a high content of vitamin B 12 along with iron plays an essential role for the metabolism and weight loss.

2. The high fiber content

quinoa is rich in dietary fiber and proteins that stimulate the sense of sazietà. Quinoa contains approximately seven grams of protein and six grams of fiber per serving, which makes it especially suitable for vegetarians and in general for all those looking to lose weight or who have difficultyà to find foods that sazino. In addition, the dietary fiber binds chemically to the fats and cholesterol, reducing the absorption rate of the latter all’inside of the body. Besides contributing to the weight loss, this factor also reduces l’accumulation of lipids on the walls of the arteries, lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

3. Low glycemic index

quinoa is a food that low glycemic index. With this definition it is indicated the speedà with which increases the blood sugar level,which is the percentage of glucose present in the blood, in consequence of the’intake of carbohydrates. Thanks to this propertyà, which is particularly important for the diet of the diabetics, quinoa reduces the accumulation of weight favoring the physiological processes of fat burning.

4. Low-calorie

quinoa has a low content of calories. A portion of quinoa cooked contains about 172 calories. In a few words, two or three servings of quinoa give a smaller number of calories of pasta dish.

Cook dishes of quinoa is quite simple. L’only care to have is that of sciaquar well the seeds in cold water, to avoid that the seeds can have a bitter taste. It is possible to combine quinoa with vegetables or legumes to prepare a dish tasty, healthy and nutritious. The available recipes are varied and all tasty. The quinoa can be cooked faster using a pressure cooker.

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