Get the diet the 3-hour: lean in a short time

A diet that only lasts for a day and that will allowà to lose weight all the pounds that you want? It seems like a dream instead, apparently, that is the reality! Directly from the’America, in fact, comes a new trend, namely the diet of the three hours designed by Jorge Cruise. It is an innovative weight loss programme that lasts only three hours and that promises to help you lose 5 kilos by eating little but very often. Jorge Cruise is a personal trainer is very popular among the vip of Hollywood and is very famous in America where he often is a guest on this show.

Jorge Cruise thanks to his book “The diet of the 3 hours” è become in a short time the guru of the healthy diet and weight loss has to be fast, but without any risk. The program of the diet of 3 hours is very easy becauseè l’only rule is that of having to eat every three hours from the time they have breakfast until the evening.

The diet of the 3 hour: lean in a short time

As the name of this diet, l’only one important rule you should follow is to eat every three hours, as happens in the diet split. Initially, the first thing to do is establish a’s time pe breakfast, and from that moment you’ll have to eat every three hours.

  with regard to the amount; of food also do not need to use the scale, but you can simply set it to eye. Additionally along with the diet you need to follow a special workout program that requires only 8 minutes of gymnastics to run every morning. This diet not only is effective and fast, but is able to stimulate one’s body, pushing it to consume a lot more calories.

menù of the diet of the three hours

What to eat then? First of all, every day breakfast at a fixed time you will need to consume 150 ml of milk semi-skimmed milk and 20 g of rusks whole grain.  Three hours later, you’ll have to have a snack with 125 ml of low-fat yogurt or white fruit, after other three hours toccherà the snack that provides 200g of fresh fruit, while for lunch you should eat 20 grams of grain.

lunch instead you’ll have to consume 150 g of fillet grilled accompanied by 200 g d’green salad alternatively, 100 g of spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil-200 g mixed salad. Every three hours, instead you’ll have to do snack and snack and dinner, you should consume 200 grams of vegetables fresh and 60 g of bresaola seasoned with lemon juice, 200 g of tomatoes and arugula or, alternatively, a vegetable soup, 150 g of vegetables and 200 g of beans.

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