For lovers of bread and pasta comes in the diet, carbohydrates

Great news for all lovers of bread and pasta, those who, even when they are a diet make a lot of difficultyà to give up to the beloved carbohydrates. For all of these people are now good notizzie thanks all’s invention of the diet Carb’s lovers, thanks to which you canò slim without having to delete from the table the carbohydrates. The diet that puts you at the center of the weight loss carbohydrates, so long opposed and eliminated because it is considered to be the enemies of health, è was created by Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth.

The diet dei carbohydrates

The diet of carbohydrates has been appointed by the Ny Times as the “diet dell’year“ the Carb’s lovers, has a very simple operation and will be appreciated by those who love carbohydrates and not riesconoa live without. This diet divides the food program in two simple steps. The first phase lasts for seven days and provides a contribution to the day of the 1200 calories, which must be divided into four small meals. The second stage lasts about twenty-one days, and involves l’intake of 1600 calories per day that must be allocated among five meals. In each of the two phases, adding up all the meals, l’intake of total carbohydrates that is taken every day, will haveà be equal to 64%.

In every meal, the rule is that insert in the menu at least a food which must be rich in carbohydrates. A large part of the meal, about 25%, must be represented by foods with a resistant starch; the rest should be based on lean proteins, vegetables, fats and fruit.

what are the foods with starch durable:

  • wheat pasta
  • whole wheat bread
  • brown rice
  • cereals integrali
  • pollo
  • cetrioli
  • bistecche
  • yogurt
  • uova
  • cioccolato
  • formaggio
  • tè verde
  • piselli
  • mele
  • arachidi
  • banane
  • patate
  • broccoli
  • fagioli
  • salmone
  • of oat bran.

The Carb’s lovers promises real miracles especially if it is associated to sport, will help youà to lose even 5 kg in the two phases. The carbs that are always the excluded number one in all of the slimming, will help you così to lose weight so fast and fun.

But carbohydrates are not a food (negative for l’s body, and that is grease, in fact they can boast a very high satiating effect, helping to decrease the hunger and, particularly in the case of carbohydrates whole grains, favor maximum of the intestinal transit, counteracting the heaviness and abdominal swelling. Moreover, carbohydrates also help to keep under control the levels of glucose and allow you to expedite the metabolism.

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