Diet after gastric banding

The gastric banding is a particular surgery that can help to reduce the capacity of the stomach and therefore allows you to anticipate the sense of sazietà thereby allowing the person to lose weight. This operation is carried out usually by obese people, and it is used to lose weight quickly and effectively. Despite the fact that thereò, the weight loss is guaranteed, above all, if l’intervention not supported by a diet that is suitable, and a specific program of physical training. Therefore, after being subjected to the gastric banding is always necessary to follow a diet precisely.

diet to follow after gastric banding

The stomach after l’operation must have the time to get used to his new condition. For this purpose, will serve about three months of adaptation, during this period, it is preferable to follow a special diet. The first month, the diet will haveà be only liquid, the second month you’ll have to take a diet pureed and the third month willà soft. When will be passed about 120 days from’run’surgery of gastric banding you can start the solid diet.

diet, liquid includes milk consumption and yogurt, but also biscuits for the children, of the homogenised fruit and meat, fruit juice and a vegetable blend. In the second month instead, you’ll have to start the diet , blended, in this case you have to eat cream of rice, vegetable, meat broth, or vegetable with the pasta of a small size, the ham (cooked or raw) chopped, low-fat cheeses and soft, the mashed potatoes, the fruit smoothies and smoothies, vegetables. For the third month, you will have to start with the diet soft, eating all the foods and preparations that were granted during the first two months, but also foods that have stocks less liquid and more dense.

once you have finished the first phase and the first months of adaptation of your stomach, you can switch to a diet that is more normal. With the solid diet you can eat lean meat (cooked so thin that is, in the grid, and without added fats), chicken (which you should remove the skin),  the pasta al dente better if integral, the risotto must be cooked with vegetable broth and with light condiments, wholemeal bread or traditional fruit (for example, apples and pears), the vegetables raw, lean fish (such as grouper, red snapper, hake, cod, perch, trout, l’sea bream and sole).

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