The snack wrong it can ruin the diet

it really takes very little to put in danger the success of our diet? Apparently, it would, in fact, also only one snacks metà in the afternoon, or the uncontrollable desire to yield to a small temptation by eating some snack too much calorie during the day. Sometimes only seem small and harmless snacks, but in realityà are of calorie bombs very dangerous for our line.

A esempiodi snack hyper caloric è tè of the five with the pastries. A little’ d’hot water accompanied by two biscuits? Harmless to the line, and say, instead, that it is not; just così, in fact, the sugar used for seasoning the t&is; and the fats that are contained in the puff to dip would seem to be a light afternoon snack, actuallyà thè with the pastries is a snack very più the caloric of the yogurt. The cookies contain a parità of weight more than the triple of the fat of carbohydrates, if we add to this the decorations made from sugar, chocolate or jam will bring you a veritable mine of fat.

L’only way to make a snack of light and that you don’t ruin our diet is that to fall back on food very simple, low fat and that are not cooked. For example, you can break the hunger during the day. to make a snack based on cereals, legumes, and a fruit or a vegetable. D’summer, however, it is advised to eat of the fruit of the season, l’ideal place to stay on the line and very healthy especially if it has been matured naturally in the sun. A very important thing is that you have to be careful to storage of the food in the refrigerator, in fact, the vitamin C, and all other components that are in these foods are sensitive to’ soxidation thereforeò reduce with time, especially in the fridge.

D’summer, however, the pleasure of a bell’ saperitif no one can; deny, also, because; a fresh cocktail all’open – &is really very pleasant. Forò always be careful, in fact we have già talked about a long time of the risks of consume before dinner drinks super alcoholic fasting or accompanied with snacks and appetizers stuffed sauces are rich in calories and with little nutritional value.

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