Junk food is addictive

The junk food è always been considered a real attack on the line, especially when it is a diet, but not only. The so-called junk food would also be harmful because; it acts directly on our brain, creating, in fact, not only causes a’s introduction in the’body fat and empty calories in excess, but above all it triggers a strong dependence against this food.

To prove it some time ago, was the protagonist of the film “Supersize me” that he had filmed a documentary in which for a long time was nourished only of burgers and food from fast food, in an attempt to prove how these foods are harmful and lead to the development of a desire to binge continue to eat. All of usò would cause obesityà, and the development of a series of cardiovascular diseases very dangerous for the health.

junk food causes addiction

L–had alreadyà said in a’another article, the junk food creates a strong dependence comparable to that of a drug by creating in the brain the conditions that push the person to seek more and more of these particular foods. The discovery has been made by the scholars of the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter in Florida (Usa) where they carried out a study on animal models, which indicates how the consumption of foods in diets with a high content of fat, salt, and sugar, gradually increasing desire to consume it on a continuous basis.

In the long term, this type of diet, as in the case of drug from heroin, sim develops a needà always higher to consume the food (drug) to feel good. Researchers have commented stating that “The loss of control is the hallmark of addiction. This è the test più full today and suggests how l’obesityà and drug addiction have neurobiologival bases common”. Therefore, the first step to maintain your health is to detox from the junk food, eliminating the foods that create addiction to our power.

The dependency caused by the junk food is caused by the pleasure that you feel when you eat, but also just by looking at the photographs that in this case lead to a strong desire to eat these foods. This intricate mechanism has been analyzed by scholars of the’Università of Southern California (USC).

dr. Kathleen Page, he explained, “studies have shown that advertising messages that characterize the food make us think of eating. This stimulation of the areas of the reward of the brain può to contribute to the overweight and to the’obesityà, and has important implications for the health of the public”.

The junk food hurts not only the body but also because it’mood, and increases the risk of depression. And’ l’last discovery of researchers Gb. The study, published in the “British Journal Psychiatry” è been done on public employees is about 55 years divided between those who had a diet based on fruits and vegetables and those who ate fried foods and fat-rich. After 5 years, you è found that the 58% of those who ate unhealthy foods had suffered from depression.

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