L’drink dietico don’t gain weight

L’aperitif, now, è become a ritual in modern cocktails and appetizers, the two elements that make this the time of the’ shappy hour one of the più caloric of the day. The appetizers in fact, both alcohol than soft drinks, contain an energy value very high, which comes exclusively from the’s alcohol or sugar. It is calories very harmful because; they are empty, i.e. with no nutritional value.

L’aperitif then it becomes even more fat; if we add the appetizers that are usually accompanied to the cocktail as the pretzels, which contain 400 calories for 100 gr., the chips that contain 550 calories per 100 gr., olives ( green ones have 142 calories, those black 235 calories per 100 grams. and the pizzas that have 300 calories per 100 gr. Also for these various appetizers the calories come exclusively from fats as l’cooking oil for the fries, the sauces, or the cheese for the pizzas and for sandwiches, the vegetable oils for the dried fruit and olives.

In this case, the flavour is very palatable and for this we tend to eat much, the result finally is that you do not feel satiated and you eat foods that are rich in fat and salt, increasing the retention and rolls of fat.

L’aperitif diet don’t gain weight

If you don’t want to give up all’aperitif, but don’t want to gain weight, and swallow foods that are harmful for your body here are some tips to prepare a happy hour light:

  • Use only juices or juices made from fresh fruits of the season, as is usually the preserved juices have more sugar.
  • focused on centrifugal are very più dense and full of più
  • As a natural thirst quencher, use the crushed ice
  • instead of snacks crisp and fat such as potato chips, pretzels and peanuts, he eats the crudité fruit and vegetables cut into strips such as carrots, celery, small cherry tomatoes and gherkins
  • To give taste to your drink replace the sauces and is rich in fat and salt, with a sauce dietary-based tomato sauce that is particularly dense and flavoured with oregano. Or prepare a sauce with a base of fresh cheese or ricotta cheese seasoned with chives.

The diet sodas for your drink

For a happy hour fun and tasty prepares refreshing beverages and delicious. you Might want to prepare a juice fruit 2 peaches, 1 slice of melon, 1 kiwi, 1  lemon juice and 150 grams of mango.

another drink excellent, and that prepared with a beautiful juice of grapefruit to mix with the red or white wine.

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