Arrives in Italy the dangerous diet of the Corset

È alarm for the ‘diet of the corset’

Time ago, had aroused a great sensation, the story of a girl in Berlin that he had decided to narrow his waist by using corsets that she wore day and night, and that had allowed him to get a circumference of only 40 centimetres. Today more and more women are choosing to use a corset to lose weight, with this tool, in fact, you can in a short time to compress the belly and to appear slender. In spite of the diet of the corset, così as è was renamed, is pretty effective, it must be emphasized how it is wrong and indeed very harmful for the health.

the diet of The corset

what is the diet of the corset? Very simple… it is only to wear a corset for at least  12 hours per day for a certain period of time in order to be able to reduce the waistline, through this drastic method, of over 15 cm. To use it, not only are the women normal and struggling with weight issues, but also Hollywood stars such as l’actress Jessica Alba has confessed to having used the corset to reduce your waist after pregnancy.

the diet of The corset, which is becoming more and moreù famous, has sparked a series of debates. By the ec party are those who claim that it is a diet revolutionary and effective as is; it would lead to a narrowing stomach, without l’use of the surgery causing the person who wears l’s underwear to eat less. Others say that this method of weight loss is highly risky, as is; bring the corset to così so much time that restricts normal breathing and could result in serious injury to internal organs and skin.

Among those that are favorable, a companyà of the United Kingdom, stated that wear the corset comporta a feeling of sazietà prolonged which allows the wearer to eat very less and therefore lose weight, but the doctors are convinced that the lack of oxygenation prolonged may contribute to the metabolic syndrome causing the wearer l’have a contrary effect, namely, l’weight-gain.

So thereò means that the diet of the corset, in the long run, may get do to the women who use it in a reverse effect, causing them to gain weight and affecting their health (with a change of the metabolism of the difficulty; breathing).

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