The strict diet d’fall: the diet of the’egg

The diet of the’s egg è the diet of the’fall, perfect for lose weight quickly in view of the christmas holidays when you makeà tons of sweets, and binge eating at the table with the family. The diet dell’s egg is a regime of high-protein, particularly low in fat and carbohydrates, as always, the advice is to follow this diet for a short time, only when you really need it, and in the rest of the time follow a balanced diet and healthy with all the items you need. Followed the diet dell’s egg not più than a week and you will eliminate the rolls of fat in più and streamline your body.

Therefore, always follow, and only this diet for a week and remember, always drink about two liters of water a day and to do activitiesà physics. The breakfast must always be the same, caffè or t is strictly without sugar, 2 boiled eggs and 1 orange.

we See, therefore, the diet for the diet dell’s egg

diet dell’s Egg: menù weekly


2 hard-boiled eggs, a boiled cauliflower seasoned with apple cider vinegar
of the spreadable fresh cheese
1 slice of wheat bread.

two hard-boiled eggs, a’mixed salad with tomatoes and cucumbers;
a relaxing herbal tea.


a beef steak on the grill, salad with lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, oil and vinegar;
Caffè or t is without sugar.

2 hard-boiled eggs, spinach;
herbal tea fruits of the forest.


grilled chicken breast and a salad of oranges;
caffè or t is without sugar.

2 hard-boiled eggs;
broccoli seasoned with a little d’oil.


2 hard-boiled eggs and a vegetable:
a slice of wholemeal bread

2 hard-boiled eggs, and a’salad with arugula, cabbage, and tomatoes.


boiled fish blue or grilled, seasoned only with lemon juice and oil;
1 slice of toasted bread.

2 hard-boiled eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread with ham
1 orange
caffè o t&is; without sugar or herbal tea.


1 beef steak grilled or chicken breast seasoned with rosemary and olive oil;
salad of tomatoes and cucumbers;
1 orange or an apple.

a yogurt and a fruit salad of the season (you can eat as much as you want, without limit).


roast Chicken (removing the skin before cooking)
grated Carrots and seasoned with vinegar

tuna steak cooked in a frying pan
Salad of oranges, olives and basil
an apple

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