Resist the cravings: l’effect craving

There è never happened to fail precisely to resist such a tasty dolce rich in calories, but delicious. If the answer is; means that  have alreadyà experienced the devastating effects on the line of the craving, cravings that affect us on a daily basis and in particular when we are on a diet. According to the researchers, to determine this impulse as uncontrollable which pushes us to eat fatty foods even if you do not would like to are the serotonin, the endorphins and the neuropeptide galanin.

So if every time you ate a chocolate cake and filled with cream, repenting, then, to the results on your body, know that bolivia food do not depend on your strength of will; but other factors are much moreù complex.

L’effetto craving

During a diet, but also when you eat normally, and often have cravings that you cannot resist. In this case, it is dell’ scraving, which is the sudden craving for sweet food, which you can not in any way resist. So far, it was believed that this depended on the our little strength of will;, but recently, research has shown that at the basis of these uncontrollable impulses, there are other elements. Serotonin, endorphins, and neuropeptide galanin would have a crucial role combined with the stress.

How to resist the cravings and counteract the’effect craving

check the cravings that’s effect craving you just need to follow some tips very simple and that may be useful to keep the line and stay fit despite your cravings. One of the reason the principal that pushes us to want food sugar is a low level of serotonin, namely l’hormone regulator dell’s mood. In this case, if you want to avoid falling into temptation, we needà to take away the itch, perhaps consuming a chocolate, a mini-dolcetto, a bit’ of almonds, or dell’ sraisins, that allow you to restore the serotonin levels high, while also promoting l’humour.

sugars, and fats, that are present in large quantityà all’inside of the rolling, are responsible for the release of endorphins from’s body, these substances bind to receptors in the brain  that produce to l’s body, a natural sense of fulfillment. According to the researchers, becauseè l’body to free endorphins with a calming effect, it is sufficient only to try the taste of the sweet on the tongue. therefore to be able to placate l’craving, you just need to consume food with a flavour that is rewarding, such as tasty sweets, but  with a low glycemic index.

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