La paleodieta: diet right or wrong?

In turn there are many diets, original and sometimes very extreme, among those più in particular, we can without a doubt include the paleodieta, even in the paleolithic diet. It is a diet in which you should eat only the foods that were present in the’the diet of our primitive ancestors. We therefore seek to know more about this diet and figure out if it really works, and how. The paleolithic diet was discovered in 1985 by the famous dr. Eaton, an american physician, who argued that the diet of our ancestors was the best to stay healthy and in shape.

La Paleodieta

The paleodieta is based on a simple theory that is very intuitive: given that scientists are our genes determine our nutritional needs, considering the fact that we have the same genes as our ancestors in prehistory, their power supply is the perfect one to follow even in our own times.

The paleodieta at this point is very simple to follow, you will need to remove dairy products and cereals (including bread) and stop eating when you feel satiated. In this way, you will get not only a’high weight loss, but also a good protection from the cardiovascular disease and also from cancer.

According to the paleodieta you can consume at will; and every day, lean meats, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables are not starchy, without having to calculate calories and weight. After the first descriptions many would think that the  paleodieta is not appreciated and loved by consultations. Actuallyà forò not è così, are in fact, many of the dietitians and nutritionists who claim to appreciate this diet and reputarlo good to get a weight loss. Among these we find the prof. Enrico Arcelli, which supports the famous zone diet, but also the paleodieta.

“recently, some scholars of the’Università of Lund, in Sweden, have shown that it is useful for those who have heart disease or suffer from diabetes, and that, in parità of the calorie content, is very più filling of the mediterranean diet and that lets you lose weight much more quickly with results più satisfactory” said

What to eat so in the paleodieta?

Foods allowed
lean Meat, fish and seafood, poultry, eggs, fruits, and vegetables (vegetables that are very poor in starch), nuts and seeds.

Foods prohibited
Cereals, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, fatty meat, processed products, or canned, salty foods, sugar, carbonated drinks.

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