The diet of Tahiti for sgonfiarti after the holidays

After these days of lunches and dinners with very long between dishes, high-calorie, sweet rich butter, and glasses of sparkling wine, we feel only the desire of the deflate the belly and diminish a bit’ the waist is swollen because of the heinous food to the tables. To achieve this goal in a short time and without suffering then too we offer you a perfect diet to follow with a taste a bit’ s exotic and vaguely summer, so to warm you and make you smile in these days of cold and bad weather.

this Is the diet Tahiti, which aims to  the regularization of the metabolism and a reduction in the’intake of carbohydrates. Thanks to this diet exotic you can lose weight quickly by eating food, tasty and with a few waivers through a’s regular feed, and particularly rich in vitamins.

This low-calorie diet provides the decrease in the consumption of fat and carbohydrate compounds, as for example bread and pasta. In place of these foods you consume the exotic fruits and vegetables in order to purify l’body and eliminate toxins. The diet has as its purpose to provide an excellent supply of protein and vitamins, but also minerals and essential fatty acids. In this way, you can enable the metabolism of the fat, allowing the body to burn much of più to produce energy. Also with the diet to Tahiti you will also promote the cell renewal of your body and to defeat cellulite.

The council is to follow the diet to 4 days, a period in which you will be able to lose up to two pounds of weight. Later, in order to maintain the weight and continue to benefit the well-being derived from this diet, you can alternate a few days of the diet Tahiti  during the week with a normal diet. In this mod you will be able to lose up to 5 kg in a month.

Menù settimanale dieta Tahiti:


  • Tè green without sugar, or a coffee; macchiato with a little’ s milk and two slices toasted whole grains
  •  soya Milk (about a glass) and accompanied by three whole wheat biscuits
  • One low-fat yogurt with fruit with cereal
  • A fruit of your choice


  • Soup of mixed vegetables with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese
  • prawns to the circuit board with a wire d’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil
  • green beans steamed and seasoned with oil and lemon juice
  • apple


  • one low-fat yogurt or a fruit


  • mixed Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and tuna
  • chicken breast to the plate, seasoned with ebrette
  • pineapple slices

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