Diet: at breakfast time not sacrificing the taste

Even when you è diet breakfast is a moment of fundamental that needs to be inserted at its best in a healthy and balanced diet. Especially in the diet and in fact, this time of day becomes very important to help us to start with the right foot and, above all, to balance the best calories and the foods ingested.

A breakfast a nourishing, satisfying, and hearty, you can start the day off on the right foot, full of vitalityà and the desire to do without having to get tired and hungry and the lunch break when, to plug the infamous “hole in the stomach”.
therefore, we provide a simple guide to understand what to eat for breakfast, how, and in what amount;. To lose weight, but always with taste!

What to eat for breakfast when you is on a diet in order not to renounce to the taste

  • The biscuits have a caloric content much higher than the bread (in average 100-150 kcal in più per hundred grams) due to the higher lipid content which is necessary to facilitate the roasting. For this evaluated very well the fat used by choosing a’s the other type of if on the list of ingredients appear in the inscriptions as: “margarine”, “hydrogenated vegetable fats”, “oil of rapeseed” or “tropical vegetable oils”. Evaluated instead l’absence of preservatives, the presence of vitamins and iron and whole grain flours that make the biscuits a food very good for breakfast.
  • The biscuits are great to eat at breakfast, delicious and very delicious, but it takes very few to reach more than 500 calories. In fact, the biscuits, the ingredients most used are the carbohydrates, with a percentage può vary from 65 to about 75%. If you do not want to give up biscuits, choose those without sugar, and have about 20-30 Kcal for each piece.
  • cereals, especially if whole grains are great for breakfast. You can try, for example, those with the extra dark chocolate, tasty, but at the same time super light to have energy and keep the line. Attention to cereals with honey, with butter, or icings.
  • A good breakfast with a beautiful yogurt, better if the fruits, accompanied by whole grains or muslei with crunchy fruits of the forest.
  • If you don’t really want to eat sweet you can try to prepare a nice sandwich with slices of wholemeal bread toasted, raw or cooked ham, and fresh salad. Accompany your sandwich with a nice orange juice or a fresh fruit of the season.

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