If you love dairy products, try our diet of cheese

you Love all the cheeses? You can not do without the mozzarella? for you a plate of pasta with tomato sauce is not; that without a good sprinkling of parmesan over? Then this is the diet for you. For lovers of cheeses and dairy products in general, today we offer a low-calorie diet that lets you eat your favourite cheeses.

Who’he said, in fact, that mozzarella, parmesan and robiola cheese is bad? The cheese in fact, if consumed in the right way, are a’s good source of protein and calcium l’great to prevent l’osteoporosis. Of course, as we have always explained, is that all the cheeses are fat or thin, but simply there are the cheeses that are più high in calories and for this they must be consumed sparingly.

In particular, those that are mature should be consumed in small doses, except the parmesan, which is rich in calcium, but even here careful with not to overdo it!

The diet of cheese: the menù weekly


LUNCH: 70 grams of whole grain spaghetti seasoned with tomato sauce and basil and a sprinkling of parmesan above, mixed vegetables grilled with a fruit salad.
DINNER: sea bream baked in foil, accompanied by boiled potatoes (scondite because; the salt from the cheese) and chunks of cheese, salad,’green salad, an apple.

: 70 gr ditaloni striped with a sauce of porcini mushrooms, parsley, extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, garlic and a few cherry tomatoes, 4 small cubes of parmesan cheese, an orange.
DINNER: vegetable seasoned with a sprinkling of parmesan, 100 g ricotta cow’s milk, a’s a mixed salad, a pear.

: 70 g of spaghetti with artichokes and a few drops of gorgonzola cheese to give a touch in più, cottage cheese with tomatoes, two mandarins.
DINNER: 100 gr bresaola and 100 grams of turkey breast-made roll and stuffed with ricotta cheese and herbs, is a’orange salad with fennel and black olives, a pear.

: a pizza with vegetables, or a pizza margherita, grilled vegetables, fruit salad.
DINNER: caprese with mozzarella and a tomato great seasoned with basil, extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and pepper, a sandwich integral, an apple.

: 70 gr of wholegrain pasta with pesto alla siciliana (cherry tomatoes, basil, ricotta cheese and extra virgin olive oil’olive shakes together), a’green salad, a kiwi.
DINNER: mixed salad with a boiled egg, a can of natural tuna, pachino cherry tomatoes, black olives, green salad, chunks of parmesan reggiano, extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, pepper and salt.

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