With the diet of the fennel you depuri and you lose a size

lose weight with taste, eating something fresh and filling and without losing the smile. It happens with the diet of fennel, a diet perfect for lose weight, sgonfiarti and even fight cellulite without any effort and without problems. The fennel, in fact, is a food rich in fibres, and the format for the majority of water. But is also a food that is tasty that you can cook many dishes very good to eat as a second course, side dish or single dish, d’summer, but also d’winter. the

The fennel in fact, è one of the foods, more dietary in the world as is; it contains only 15 Kcal per 100 grams, and for 90% is formed by water and minerals, in particular the potassium, a substance that is very useful for smoothing out the better the blood pressure and to be able to fight the psychological stress and muscular. We also find in fennel insoluble fiber great for l’lazy bowel and the soluble fiber, which give the sense of sazietà , and decreased l’absorption of fats and sugars.

This vegetable, therefore, is perfect for sgonfiarti and depurarti and it is useful to use after a’s blowout or a week is eating too much. Try this diet to feel better, più light and melt the mounds of fat and deflate the belly. Follow the diet for two weeks and you will see its effectiveness right from the start.

menù a weekly diet of fennel


Lunch: 70 grams of whole grain spaghetti topped with cherry tomatoes and a tablespoon of home-made pesto, 200 grams of fennel, celery and carrots in a salad, seasoned with pepper, lemon, extra virgin olive oil’olive oil.

Dinner: trout baked in foil, fennel, boiled and passed through in a pan with garlic, pepper and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil.


Lunch: salad with tuna in brine, corn, fennel, carrots, celery, and tomato. A slice of wholemeal bread and fruit salad.

Dinner: 200 gr chicken breast grilled with ebrette, salad with fennel, oranges and black olives seasoned with pepper and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil.


Lunch: 70 grams of rice seasoned with fennel and parmigiano-reggiano cheese, green salad with tomatoes.

Dinner: cream of fennel with pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, 100 gr of brasaola, an apple.


Lunch: 200 grams of fennel gratin in the oven with a tablespoon of bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese, a slice of wheat bread.

Dinner: 200 grams of raw ham, fat removed, boiled potatoes seasoned with parsley and garlic and fennel.

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