In shape and lean with the diet of raw

Recently, è returned to trend a diet that is very original and comes from’East, and from the fashion to eat sushi, a food that is healthy and delicious. When we talk about raw food in fact, it is not only vegetables and fruit, but also meat and fish dishes, such as beef and just the sushi. It is scrumptious, light and tasty that they need no cooking and that will eprmetteranno to not only lose the pounds but also stay healthy, to reshape the physical, combat water retention and reactivate the metabolism.

raw food are great not only for diet but also for health sinceè are very più rich in fiber and vitamins. The cooking of the foods eliminates many of the propertiesà with a host of useful food for the well-being of the’s body, such as vitamin C, l’folic acid, potassium, and enzymes that are found mainly in fruits and vegetables. the Fruit and vegetables are most fiber-rich, of the substances useful for the wellness and diet sinceè improve the functioning of the’intestine and slow down l’absorption of fats and sugars.

diet raw

: 1 yogurt, all fruit, coffee is without sugar, 2 slices toasted wholegrain
Snack: 1 fruit
Lunch: carpaccio of swordfish, peppers with breadcrumbs and parsley seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, a slice of wheat bread
Snack: 1 yogurt              .
Dinner: beef tartare, cooked tomatoes in the oven with herbs, anchovies, capers and olives, green salad, and a pear.

: 1 fruit yoghurt, 4 wholemeal biscuits,  thè green.
Snack: juice d’pineapple.
Lunch: 100 gr bresaola with mixed salad chips rocket and parmesan salad with blood orange, black olives and fennel, with black pepper and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, a slice of wheat bread.
Snack: fruit salad.
Dinner: 100 gr of smoked salmon with a sauce of Greek yogurt and fresh herbs, two slices of whole wheat bread, a pear.


breakfast: 1 fruit yoghurt, two slices toasted whole grains, a pear
Snack: fruit salad

Lunch: salad with 120 grams of natural tuna with red radish, celery, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, topped with extra virgin olive oil’olive, a kiwi.
Snack: a low-fat yogurt.
Dinner: 100 gr of raw ham, fat removed, accompanied with mixed vegetables on the grill, a salad fruit of the season.

1 yogurt, fruit, juice, d’pineapple, two slices of bread.
Snack: fruit salad.
Lunch: tuna carpaccio seasoned with lemon juice, a’salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, a kiwi.
Snack: a low-fat yogurt.
Dinner: 100 gr of anchovies accompanied by a’green salad, and a pear.

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