Food and diet against cellulite

Every woman knows, in order to prevent cellulite, one of the fundamental elements is the diet that must be added to’use of creams and of’activityà physical constant. A healthy diet and the consumption of certain foods, può to guarantee the disappearance of cellulite. The water retention in fact, è one of the triggers of cellulite, and eliminate it is necessary’s supply particular and targeted.

let us first of all what foods are best to consume to fight the cellulite, to eliminate the fat pads and fluid retention.

The best foods for cellulite

  • The broccoli that helps to protect the capillary and to avoid water retention which encourages cellulite formation.
  • artichoke that stimulates the function of the liver, stimulate the metabolism. Because of its fiber content, also the artichoke helps to eliminate constipation and therefore the cellulite.
  • The chicory, however, has a detoxifying effect, helps the work of the liver and purifies the blood.
  • cabbage is useful against nervous hunger and it also protects and strengthens the arteries,veins and capillaries, promoting blood circulation. This food eliminates’s failure, the kidney and liver, and purifies it of toxins.
  • The apple helps you to fight the’obesityà and reduces cholesterol. Thanks to the low fiber content, and calories is good when you are hungry, also promotes l’elimination of liquids.
  • The spinach stimulate particularly the circulation while the fibers allow to purify the body from toxins.
  • thè green limits to the maximum l’absorption of calories, tones and stimulates l’adrenaline.

diet against cellulite

This diet is very balanced and low in calories, contains only the 1400 calories and to help decrease water retention and pads of fat.

The menù the daily diet of cellulite,

BREAKFAST: a yogurt, all fruits, an apple, a cup of milk and coffee; with cereals, a glass of t is green.
LUNCH: 70 grams of whole grain spaghetti topped with 50 gr of broccoli and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, 150 grams of steamed spinach, an apple.
SNACK: shake apple and a cup of t is green.
DINNER: soup of mixed vegetables, stir-fried chicory in a pan with a little d’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and a clove d’garlic, an apple.

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