Diet Anti-Cholesterol: foods permitted and prohibited

there Are so many people suffering from cholesterol. To combat this discomfort is necessary to follow a certain diet and a’ sdiet. we See, therefore, what foods are allowed and which prohibited.

The foods prohibited

dairy: the milk and the yoghurt, but also fruit, the cream and the yogurt cream.
Cheese: the cheeses, those time zones, as well as the pecorino and the parmesan cheese.
Meat: the meat is very fat, offal and meat cooked with butter and other seasonings fats such as sauces.
Salami: salame, mortadella, coppa and pancetta.
Fish: the fish sott’s oil, molluscs and crustaceans.
Eggs: not to eat only if they are fried or prepared with butter
Toppings: any type of sauce, butter, bacon, lard, margarine, and l’of oil seeds.
bakery: the loaf, melba toast, breadsticks and crackers.
Potatoes: not to eat if fried.
fresh Pasta: to avoid that stuffed and stuffed.
Vegetables: not to eat when is fried.
Fruit: to avoid the dry
Cakes and ice-cream: cakes with eggs or butter but also cream, shortbread cookies, and those stuffed.

foods allowed

dairy: allowed to partially skimmed milk or wholly skimmed, very good also the low-fat yogurt white, or the fruit with 0.1% fat.
Cheese: you can eat almost all the cheese fresh, such as ricotta, cow’s milk, mozzarella cheese, crescenza cheese, or the classic flakes of milk.
Meat: the meat must be lean and fat free, prefer if you can have the white one as the chicken, the turkey and the rabbit,  they go well with the veal, lean beef, horse, pork and only if skinny.
Sausages: you can eat ilprosciutto raw, but must also be fat and skinny, good ham always provided that it is lean, bresaola and speck.
Fish: ample space to fish such as sole, cod, trout, snapper, l’ sea bream, and tuna to the natural.
Eggs: the eggs are always permitted provided that they do not have condiments too fat.
Toppings: is allowed l’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, but also l’corn oil and l’soybean oil.
bakery: goes well, common bread, wholemeal bread, and the bread sticks to the’water.
Potatoes: you can eat them as you want them boiled, baked or mashed
Vegetables: are always allowed.
Pasta and rice: are permitted but must be served with a light sauce, and light.
Vegetables: eat at willà cooked and raw.
Fruit: Be well all, avoid exaggerating forò with bananas, l’grapes, figs and persimmons, but the fruit syrup.
Cakes and ice-cream: eat desserts without butter, without eggs or cream, also excellent fruit sorbets.

Può be useful to take into consideration also the sesame.

 sesame è a herbaceous plant of which use is made of the seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid  linoleic), proteins, vitamins and minerals fat burner, such as calcium and magnesium.

 search brought from’Università Kolkata (India) has shown that the proteins in sesame seeds have the capacity to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good (HDL), exercising one’s protective action on the heart and arteries.

Not only that, this plant is able to rebalance l’activityà metabolic, carrying out a’fat burner.

To use thesepropertiesà slimming, in the kitchen, replace the salt with the gomasio, a condiment of salt and sesame seeds powder. You will be reducing the l’intake of chloride of sodium, and do the stock of football!

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