The diet Tracy Anderson to become like a star

it’ s the diet of the star, the one that gave him a physical, hot, Gwyneth Paltrow, and that has returned in the form of Kim Kardashian, but also the one that allows the Lady to bring to the fifty’years old, still those bodi super sgambati and drained. It is a diet designed by Tracy Anderson, lto the world-famous personal trainer of the famousà which has developed the “the Diet of the 30 days,” a particular fitness and nutrition and is able to provide in a short time, to every woman a true body from the star.

This diet, in fact, promotes l’elimination of body fat, helps to burn body fat and reshape the body reshaping the muscles. It is a diet poor in carbohydrates and completely free of any flours and starchy vegetables. The dessert and fresh fruits are granted, while vegetarians have a menù. the

recommended foods are those più healthy with a good amount of vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean protein, but without the prozioni established or weights indicated.  foods to put in the diet are fruits, vegetables, yogurt, turkey, chicken, eggs, salmon, shrimp, cod, l’avocado, tofu, feta,  pumpkin seeds, chestnuts, beans, quinoa, mustard DIjion, l’balsamic vinegar, l’oil d’olive, the sweet chocolate chips.

The menù a daily is this:

  • Breakfast: a salad of mixed tropical fruits
  • Lunch: chicken soup
  • Snack: terrine of chocolate with blueberries
  • Dinner: Salmon and grilled mushrooms

Fundamental in this diet also l‘activityà daily physical that should be a type of cardio fitness and a duration of 25 minutes each day. This diet gives good results in a very short time, allows you to sculpt the body and make it really, really perfect as we want. The diet is above all suitable for vegetarians perhc&is; provides for a high consumption of vegetables and fruits. Despite the fact that thereò the negative factor is given from the’elimination of some foods that are removed from the diet and a weight loss much fast, but connected to training hard and constant, and a diet very restrictive.

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