The diet of the Zodiac signs: Libra – Scorpion – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarium – Fish

Può really  the sign of the zodiac tell us which diet is best to follow for us? According to some scholars. And if it is true that our zodiac sign shows our character, our tendencies, and our way of life, astrologers, nutritionists and dieticians have joined together to study the signs of the zodiac and determine the diets and the different dietary regimens. After the signs of the’Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, the Lion and the Virgin is the time of the new signs of the zodiac.

The diet of the zodiac signs

Libra: of the people of libra are lovers of beauty and perfection, and for this reason are  even moreù prone to engage in order to follow a weight loss program. L’ideal, therefore, is to combine a low-calorie diet and a’activitiesà physics that combines the well-being not only of the body but also the mind. The best are yoga or tai-chi.

Scorpio: a sign that bears the passion and the fire. The people of scorpio act only if pushed by a great interest and desire to do. For this you should follow the’activityà physics  which will lead you to become active as the prepugilistica or karatè.

Sagittarius: has a personality; curious, and a little constant, for this reason, people of scorpio have difficultyà to follow consistently a diet, especially if stiff. The solution può be to follow new diets and try new tastes, such as the macrobiotic diet, seitan, and quinoa.

Capricorn: is a sign that you are very committed to when is the time to get serious, has a strong personality; this has absolutely no difficultyà to follow a low-calorie diet. L’important è have a good support. We needà a good personal trainer and a good nutritionist.

Aquarius: is a sign the molt spiritual needs to nourish and heal not only the body but also the mind. To achieve good results, therefore, subscribe to a yoga course and meditation, to control hunger and lose weight.

Pisces: of the people of the fish are rigorous and have great strength of willà. A good stimulus &is all thereò you need to potetr lose weight and get in shape. Then start your diet and a program of activities; physical with someone, maybe your partner or a friend, with which to follow the diet and do sport.

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