The ten diets faster than ever

L’summer is coming and you are in a hurry to get back in shape? You can try a diet that is fast and effective, but also easy to follow. Not all, in fact, we are able to follow with easeà a diet and often give up after the first few days becauseè è too hard. What is it then? The solution può be to follow one of the many diets that are easy that there are. Lightning fast, does not require too much effort nè restrictions, last a short while and give excellent results. Attention toò, sinceè diet fast must be followed for a limited period of time, you do not have to be abused, and soon after you will need to return to a diet that is well balanced with all the nutrients needed to stay well and healthy.

we See, therefore, the top ten diet più fast and easy-to-follow, choose the più suitable to you, then search for some news on our blog (you will find plenty of on each diet) and immediately start your diet

The top ten delle diet veloci

  1. Atkins: is a high-protein diet that is mainly based on the control in the body of the various levels of insulin.
  2. Area : is considered one of the diets, more balanced, created by Barry Sears, is based on the concept that each meal should provide 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. You consume the carbohydrates not refined and are prohibited from committing the fats.
  3. Vegetarian: the vegetarian diet announces the animal foods, but allows for the consumption of milk, eggs and honey. Many studies have shown the positività of the vegetarian diet that also allows you to prevent many diseases and remain in shape, without any damage for the health.
  4. Vegan: is a diet ethics, which is based on the prohibition of consuming animal foods and any other food derived from animals, including eggs, milk, cheese and honey. And’ much moreù rigid and difficult to follow, but behind him there was an ethical vision of the food, were outstanding.
  5. Weight Watchers: the famous diet points established in 1960, combines the reduction of calories also l’physical exercise and psychological support among people who are on a diet.
  6. South Beach: è a high-protein diet, are among the più fast in order to lose weight.
  7. raw food:  è a diet that includes the consumption only of foods and vegetable drinks strictly not cooked. Excellent for detox.
  8. the Mediterranean Diet: the diet more balanced. Without a doubt, the best.
  9. blood group Diet: designed by naturopath Peter J. D’adam back in 1997 it is still much to discuss. It is based on one’s power is different depending on the blood group.
  10. Montignac Diet: is based on the’glycemic index and assigns each food a putteggio.

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