The diet of the’of Water and Lemon

The countdown for the diet costume è già started and you are dangerously behind with so many pounds in the più? No fear, the solution is a balanced diet and low-calorie, to lose weight without any problems and in a short time, avoiding l’much-hated yo yo.

A perfect body, in fact, is possible with the diet of the’water and lemon, a new regime diet pill that comes from United States, and that promises miracles thanks to the’natural element that makes up 90% of our body, that is, l’water and lemon, which loosens the body fat and stimulates the metabolism. The diet dell’s water and lemon, in fact, not only lose weight, but also eliminates toxins, drains the fluids, and stay healthy fat and gives the skin a compact, smooth, soft and, above all, without cellulite.

The food regimen of the diet of the’water provides for a consumption of 1400 calories per day is about 10  big glasses d’water with the juice of a lemon, to lose at least five pounds. (alternatively, try also the diet of the’water and enough)

The diet of the’water and lemon

menù of the diet of the’water and lemon


Breakfast: a yoghurt and a fruit in season
Lunch: salad with 50 grams of feta cheese, carrots, celery, lettuce and radicchio
Snack: two kiwi
Dinner: 70 grams of spaghetti with integral pomodoretto and fresh basil, two zucchini in a pan with the chilli.


Breakfast: a smoothie of fruit and four fingers with berries and cereals
Lunch: salad with a can of tuna, lettuce, red onion and tomato.
Snack: two slices d’pineapple
Dinner: 70 grams of rice with radicchio, cauliflower to steam


Breakfast:  tè green with two slices toasted whole grains, a glass of juice d’pineapple
Lunch: sea bass cooked in foil with herbs, mixed salad carrots
Snack:t is green with two whole wheat biscuits
Dinner: 70 grams of whole grain spaghetti with saffron and zucchini, fennel bulb steamed


Breakfast: a yogurt with a spoon of whole grains,two slices toasted whole grains, a fruit in season
Lunch: a’salad with a salmon fillet, lettuce, carrots and celery, broccoli passed through in a pan
Snack: one yogurt with fruit
Dinner: vegetable mixed with 70 grams of pasta


Breakfast: a cup of t is green with two whole wheat biscuits, juice, d’orange
Lunch: salad with two hard-boiled eggs, lettuce and black olives, a sandwich full
Snack: a pear and an apple
Dinner: 70 grams of pasta with green beans, potatoes and pesto, two tomatoes in the salad.

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