The diet of the’apricot a day to work on your tan and lose weight

very Sweet, firm, juicy and compact, l’apricot is a fruit of the summer for excellence, the good, and to eat every time we feel the pangs of hunger. dell’ sapricot, a result that, particularly in the summer season, it is found in abundance. This fruit forò not è only good, but also healthy and can help the diet. L’apricot, in fact, helps lower cholesterol, regulates the operation of the’intestine and gives energy to face and defeat the hot summer.

diet dell’s apricot

Not only that, it is above all a perfect fruit alone perchè thanks to its high content of water and mineral salts, in particular the most precious potassium, which allows you to defeat the water retention and swelling.

Before going to the sea, then be prepared to swimsuit and tan with the diet apricots that allows you to lose weight and get back into shape, but also prepare the skin to tan. Apricots, in fact, rich in carotene, will help you to regain an enviable line and the acquisition of a’s perfect tan, protecting the skin at the same time from’attack of the pericolori free radicals, which cause l’early skin aging.  This diet lasts only one day and you regalerà a breathtaking physical and abbronzatissimo.

menù of the diet of the’apricot day

Breakfast: a milkshake made with 250 grams of apricots and a couple of ice cubes, accompanied by a cup of t is green.
Snack: 4 apricots big mature
Lunch: 600 grams of apricots
Snack: 4 apricots, and a cup of t&is black.
Dinner: a compote of apricots

The apricot compote

apricot Compote

Ingredients  (a portion for one person)

600 grams of apricots, very ripe
3 cloves
a piece of cinnamon
grated peel of a lemon and a’orange


wash well the apricots, and then open them in halfà, lever the stones, and cut them in the pezzett enough piccolii. In a pot high and wide, put the cinnamon, the peel of the lemon and of the’orange, cloves and cdue spoons d’water. Cook over a low heat with the lid on, if it is necessary to occasionally add dell’s water and mix well with a wooden spoon.

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