The diet of the ham

The ham is a food protein perfect for weight loss and lose weight. The ham, in fact, is rich of iron and protein with very few calories and fat. This is a food tasty and versatile that we can use to prepare different tasty and delicious. The diet of ham , therefore, presents a good  the balance between health and taste, and you will helpà lose weight without losing muscle mass. Bind the ham in this diet with fruit and vegetables, but also with bread and whole wheat pasta.

Follow the diet of ham for a week, until Friday while the weekend is free. You can eat everything you want without  having to give up anything, of course, without exaggeration.

The diet of ham

menù a weekly diet of ham


Breakfast: a tè green, a low-fat yogurt with fruit, two slices toasted whole
Snack: a kiwi
Lunch: 4 bundles of ham stuffed with ricotta cheese, herbs and pepper, with a’salad of red chicory lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil.
Snack: banana
Dinner: 100 gr of ham with fat removed,  60 grams of ricotta cheese (also try the diet of cheese), two slices of whole wheat bread, two slices d’pineapple


Breakfast: 2 slices toasted wholegrain with a drizzle of jam and honey, a cup of partially skimmed milk with a tablespoon of barley.
Snack: apple
Lunch: 60 grams of raw ham, fat removed, a sandwich integral, a’s tomato and cucumber salad, and a pear
Dinner: 60 grams of bresaola with arugula and parmigiano reggiano, a’salad with arugula and lettuce, an apple.


Breakfast: a cup of milk, partly skimmed milk, with whole grains, an apple.
Snack: 2 kiwis and a low-fat yogurt

Lunch: 70 grams of penne integrals with prosciutto, and zucchini, and ricotta cheese + 1 orange.
Snack: 1 yogurt bianco magro.
Dinner: 60 grams of ham + carrots grated and seasoned with lemon juice + 2 slices of integral bread + 1 apple.


Breakfast: a cup of tè green, 6 whole wheat biscuits, an apple
Snack: banana
Lunch: 60 grams of whole grain spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and prosciutto crudo, a’s belgian salad.
Snack: a fruit salad
Dinner:  60 gr of ham with two eggs, two slices of wholemeal bread, a cup of strawberries.


Breakfast: a cup of semi-skimmed milk, two slices of toast wholegrain with a drizzle of honey, an apple
Snack: smoothie of banana and strawberries
Lunch: prosciutto with mozzarella light, a sandwich, integral, 20 cherries.
Snack: a peach and a slice of melon
Dinner: vegetable with 60 grams of wholemeal pasta, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, tomato salad.

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