Smoothies weight loss

L’summer is the best time to lose weight, lose weight, and cleanse, then why is do not do it now, choose the smoothies slimming? They are delicious, good and tasty, but most of all healthy. You can make them at home with a few ingredients, are cool and keep you satisfied. you Can eat them on the beach or while you’re at work during the lunch break and thereò that makes them special is the fact that they are really delicious! Together with a healthy and balanced diet will help you lose several kilos and get super fit to the test costume. the

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Frullato d’ananas

The first smoothie is made with l’pineapple. Prepare for two persons, using four slices d’pineapple, a glass of juice d’pineapple and milk (if you want you can also use the rice milk or the soy). To prepare blend all ingredients together well, then make them rest a while,’ it in the fridge. If you want to make it even moreù cool, add a few cubes of ice. This smoothie allows you to drain the liquids and of losing calories, but also to eliminate the cellulite and the skin d’orange.

Smoothie cucumbers

To achieve this smoothie prepared with vegetables sliced a cucumber, then put it in the blender and add salt, pepper, and a dash of olive oil, then put the lettuce, a stalk of celery and a cup d’water.

Smoothie apple

This smoothie with apples is fresh and delicious. To prepare, chop an apple and put it in the blender, then add a glass d’water and a few cubes of ice. If you want you can also add vegetables like celery, carrots and cucumbers. You can also put the melon, and to make it more dense with a nice banana or a slice d’watermelon.

Frullato d’grape

very Good this smoothie to base d’grapes that can be enriched with fruits of the forest, strawberries, but also cherries. L’grapes, in fact, has an antioxidant effect counteracts l’aging and firm l’action of free radicals. You can also add a glass of milk or soy, but also of the bran.

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