The diet of the Pizza

you Love the pizza but when you’re on a diet, you despair because it is not you can eat? The pizza, in fact, not  makes you fat if you follow the right rules, while maintaining the right proportions between proteins and carbohydrates. Perchè the pizza is not greasy and in fact, will allow you to lose weight, it is very important to choose the right type of pizza, i.e. no sausages, eggs and meat, but rich in grilled vegetables that is not fattening.

always Choose the classic ingredients i.e. tomato, mozzarella, l’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and of course the vegetables of any kind, cooked on the grid in such a way as to make it less caloric.  If pizza is your favorite dish and don’t want to give it up, but still want to lose weight, you can  try out the diet of pizza from the 1200 kcal follow for one week during which you’ll have to eat pizza once a day.

Diet Pizzas

Breakfast: a yogurt, fresh fruit, two slices toasted whole grain and a t is green.
Snack: fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt.

Menù Weekly

Lunch: salad with fresh vegetables, a mozzarella-100 gr of raw ham, fat removed
Dinner: a pizza with zucchini and cherry tomatoes, a kiwi.

Lunch: an omelet prepared with two eggs and two potatoes, boiled and made into small pieces, salad with lettuce, corn and olives;
Dinner: a pizza with tomato sauce and  sautéed mushrooms.

Lunch: broccoli passed through in a pan with red pepper, 50 gr of philadelphia, a sandwich integral, an apple; to
Dinner: a pizza margherita and a salad of mixed fruit.

Lunch: skewers of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella small with basil, salad with cucumber and tomato, a sandwich integral;
Dinner: a neapolitan pizza and grilled peppers.

Lunch: stuffed zucchini with ground, and a’s mixed salad
Dinner: pizza with potatoes and rosemary, 100 gr of turkey breast.

Lunch: a’s bream baked in foil with a side of carrots julienne;
Dinner: a pizza with tomato sauce and grilled peppers, two balls of strawberry ice cream.

Lunch: 100 gr of bresaola with parmesan and rocket salad, green beans with garlic and olive oil;
Dinner: pizza capricciosa, and eggplant mushroom with hot pepper.

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