The diet of the fennel deflated belly

Deflate the belly and get the perfect costume fittings is easy with the diet of the fennel that drains the liquid, removes the cellulite, but above all gives you a flat stomach and perfect bikini! Just follow this diet for a week to lose at least 2 pounds and deflate the belly. Già in the past we told you about the diet of the fennel fornendovì menù weekly for 4 days, with a regime not only weight loss, but also cleansing effect.

Today we want to talk with you about diet of the fennel to deflate the belly. The fennel, in fact, is a good ally deflated belly perch&is; &is; dietary and light, contains only 15 Kcal per 100 grams, also is the format for the 90% of water and mineral salts, especially potassium, but also from insoluble fiber and soluble fiber, which give a sense of sazietà and above all, regularize the functions of the’lazy bowel. Thanks to this diet, therefore you’ll get a belly flat and you will be super fit. Let’s see how it works, the diet of the fennel deflated belly, and how to follow it.

The diet of the fennel

general Rules of the diet of the fennel

 breakfast, every day to eat a good cup of caffè d’barley, together with a glass of semi-skimmed milk and 40 grams of whole grains. For the snacks instead of eating a low-fat yoghurt, a seasonal fruit, a glass of juice or a cup of t&is; green or a purifying herbal tea.

menù of the diet of the fennel

Lunch: 70 grams of potato gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce, 100 gr of bresaola with parmigiano and arugula, a fennel salad.
Dinner: a hamburger with olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper together with a fennel cream and boiled potatoes, a salad of strawberries, pineapple and kiwi.

Lunch: 70 g of spaghetti with clams, fennel steamed with olive oil, 200 gr of grilled to taste.
Dinner: 70 grams of rice with saffron), accompanied by a’octopus salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, lemon, parsley, sea salt and pepper, and a pear.

Lunch: 70 grams of whole wheat pasta with fennel and 40 grams of cheese taleggio cheese, 200 grams of cooked chicken stewed together with peppers, and a kiwi.
Dinner: a soup of mixed in-season vegetables, 200 grams of sliced veal pizzaiola, and a’s fennel salad.

Lunch: 70 grams of whole wheat pasta with pomodoretto fresh basil, 200 grams of mushrooms in a salad, sliced thin with a fennel and 50 g of flakes of parmesan, a’orange.
Dinner: vegetable carrots, and potatoes (100 grams), baked omelette with 1 egg and fennel julienne, tomato salad.

Lunch: 70 grams of brown rice with zucchini, fennel and mint, fennel and asparagus boiled, with lemon sauce and light, with a cup of strawberries and blueberries to natural.
Dinner: a vegetable fennel with 30 grams of whole wheat pasta, sea bass baked with onion and lots of tomatoes, a’salad of mixed vegetables with a fennel.

Lunch: a cream sauce with cauliflower and potatoes, 200 grams of chicken breast cooked on a hot plate with herbs in a mixed a’salad of mixed vegetables with 3 fennel, thinly sliced extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, salt and pepper.
Dinner: 50g wholemeal pasta with radicchio, fennel sauteed with cream cheese in the pan, a cup of berries and strawberries, seasoned with the juice d’orange, natural,’salad of mixed vegetables.

Lunch: lasagna seasoned with tomato sauce and minced beef, accompanied by fennel thin, cherry tomatoes, and topped with a processed cheese, swiss chard heated in a pan with garlic, an apple.
Dinner: asparagus purè, fennel gratin in the oven together with the bread crumbs and the parmesan, 200 grams of ricotta cheese in the oven.

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