The diet dell holiday by the sea

The beach holidays are the best time to go on a diet, and regain the line. Thanks to the heat and the beach, which leads us to do so much movement, when we are at sea we have a lot of più desire to move, avoid foods-calorie, and we eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, but mainly we drink a lot of più, detoxifying our body.

first on the beach we do full of foods that are particularly rich in mineral salts and vitamins by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. For snacks, consume a lot of cooked vegetables and raw or fresh smoothies, lunch, ample space to whole grains with vegetables, while dinner focuses on proteins, especially fish or white meat. Here, then, the diet to follow d’summer.

The diet of the’summer

What not to eat

  • foods that are rich in refined sugars such as cakes and candies
  • the dishes are too elaborate to be to weigh down the stomach and promote fluid retention, such as, for example, the pasta dishes are too rich, the ritture and browned
  • processed foods and pre-cooked that are rich in saturated fats such as sweets, sauces, già ready and the pizzas frozen
  • food rich in fat, which dà only in calories as useless as the snack of chocolate and snacks based on prompt

What to eat

During the’summer consumes food fiber-rich that promote l’activityà gut, they are rich in vitamins and minerals that help the weight loss and l’tan.

vegetables and all vegetables are draining and allow you to eliminate excess fluids, choose:

  • carote
  • fagiolini
  • lattuga
  • peperoni
  • piselli
  • cetrioli
  • ravanelli
  • zucchine
  • spinaci
  • melanzane
  • rucola

Consume 2 servings per day of fruits such as breaks hunger

  • albicocche
  • pesche
  • fragole
  • anguria
  • melone
  • prugne
  • susine

For meat, fish, dairy products and eggs do you prefer the white meat such as chicken or turkey, becauseé have a few fat and increase the metabolism, also focusing on fresh fish is rich in iodine and essential fatty acids which satiates and has few calories, or dairy products lean and fresh cheese, such as for example the cow ricotta cheese, mozzarella and cottage cheese.

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