The diet of the sun to lose weight and work on your tan

weight loss and sunbathing at the same time is possible with diet dell’s a tan you have to follow when you’re at sea, to lose weight and at the same time get an enviable tan. if you follow this diet you’ll lose at least 2 pounds in a week and you will be able to get a’tanning super to show off the return in the cityà. The rule più iimportante is to drink at least two litres d’water per day, while the breakfast is fixed with a low-fat yogurt with fruit, 150 grams of carrot juice, 4 tablespoons of whole grains and a fruit. Alternatively, you can eat a coffee; skim milk and 4 slices toasted whole grains.

The snack instead, be  metà morning in the midà the afternoon includes a carrot juice, a fruit with two slices toasted whole grains, or a slice of wholemeal bread with a little’ of low-fat cheese.

The diet of the sun

menù of the diet of the sun


Lunch: 70 grams of whole wheat pasta with fresh tomato and basil, a chicken breast cooked on a hot plate with herbs and a seasonal fruit

Dinner: a puree of carrots with a slice of whole wheat bread, 100 gr of ham, a piece of fruit


Lunch: 70 grams of rice with mixed vegetables, 100 grams of veal cooked on a hot plate with lots of shredded carrots, a yogurt with pieces of apricot

Dinner: salad of potatoes and carrots, cheese, fresh, 3 apricots



Lunch: a hamburger with pomodoretto fresh tomato salad, a slice of melon

Dinner: 70 grams of whole wheat pasta with carrots, a low-fat yogurt



Lunch: mixed salad with extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, carrots and corn, sole, cooked on the plate, and a fruit

Dinner: an omelet with asparagus and carrots,  yogurt



Lunch: 70 grams of rice with tomato sauce and oregano, chicken breast cooked on the plate with baby carrots, fruit salad, apricots and peaches

Dinner: pasta salad with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and natural tuna, a tablespoon of fresh cheese, and a fruit



Lunch: vegetable soup, cold vegetables, and the carrots, the cod in the pan with a potato boiled, a’s apricot

Dinner: 70 gr of wholegrain pasta with pesto, fillet of veal with salad, a fruit


Lunch: mixed salad with vegetables and turkey breast, a low-fat yogurt

Dinner: vegetable soup, squid to the plate, three apricots

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