The diet of Mushrooms

Today we want to introduce you to a diet very effective to follow not just d’summer, but the whole l’year. This is the diet mushroom, tasty and good for you lose weight in a balanced and long-lasting. The secret is to eat foods and dishes with mushrooms to take advantage of the large propertiesà of this food that is rich in flavor, but at the same time very poor in fat. The mushrooms are in fact very versatile in the kitchen and you can eat at any time of the’year. We find, therefore, the diet of mushrooms and how to follow it, but above all we learn to know the menù daily.

The diet of mushrooms

menù of the diet of mushrooms

Breakfast: you can choose between
caffè with a cup of semi-skimmed milk, a juice prepared with two oranges or 2 kiwi fruit, 4 biscuits and rusks  integral.
a cup of coffee; or a infused with a cup of skim milk. a slice of whole wheat bread topped with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and tomato natural.
a glass of partially skimmed milk with 50 grams of whole grains light, with a fruit salad.

Bite and afternoon snack: you can choose between
a slice of wheat bread with 60 g of fresh cheese or ham, coffee; for with skim milk.
a coffee with skim milk and fruits of the season.
a yogurt-skimmed milk with 100 grams of cereal, light integral, or a fruit salad

Lunch: choose between

pasta Dishes
kale or chard or spinach or green beans with mushrooms;
mushrooms, cooked to the Greek;
salad of mushrooms;
mushrooms in the frying pan au gratin;
mixed vegetables and mushrooms raw;
mushrooms, sicilian tomatoes and fresh cheese light;
eggplant stuffed with mushrooms.

main courses

a slice of chicken breast with grilled vegetables,  grilled fish with potatoes

Dinner: together with 50 g of wholemeal bread and a’salad with tomatoes and lettuce

omelet with mushrooms;
spaghetti with mushrooms;
asparagus and mushrooms;
fillet of fish or grilled chicken with mushrooms, fried
50 g of cheese super  light, 50 g of cooked ham or raw without the fat with mushrooms fried;
burgers  with a sauce of mushrooms

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