Directly from the usa the new Dash Diet

È arrived l’summer and with her, the desire to get back in shape. Today, let’s talk about the DASH diet for those who has the intention of recovering a healthy lifestyle and do so by starting from the flat.

What is the DASH diet? Let’s start first of all by remembering that it is an acronym, i.e. the Diet Approach to Stop Hypertension. L’high blood pressure is one of the main consequences of an everyday life characterized not only by a high level of stress, but also little attention to what you eat and the time devoted to the’activityà physics.

The DASH diet has as its purpose the recovery of the’homeostasis corporal, with the elimination of the problem of’pulmonary hypertension. 

How does it work exactly?

Through the development of a specific food program, which provides l’elimination of certain substances and nutrients that can cause the’high blood pressure.

if you are going to follow in a literal the main directions of the DASH diet must not at all expect to embark on a difficult journey, from the time that the method does not involve deprivation of food consistent.

The schema on which is based the functioning of the diet provides a intervention amount on the nutrients taken on a daily basis according to these parameters

-55% complex carbohydrates

-18% di proteine

-27% fat

A feature that differentiates the DASH diet compared to other schemes is linked to a lesser amount; of fat provided by the program, especially if it is lipid saturated.

L’daily attention to the diagram above, must be accompanied by other important changes in dietary behaviour, such as l’gradual introduction of fruits and vegetables, dried fruit (very important for l’intake of unsaturated fats), cereals (not refined.

To complete the menù DASH diet it is possible to finally mention the needà to eliminate smoking and alcohol, and to keep the consumption of sodium chloride in a limit less than or equal to 1500 mg/day.

The DASH diet is very suitable for those who suffer from other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, and provides for a gradual approach, as we have alreadyà got to remember, for nothing is burdensome for the good forks, and maybe do a little’ s hard to say goodbye all’the quantity aspect of the food.

In this case you canò say that it is affected very little, leaving space for the qualityà all’intake of nutrients that can safeguard l’efficiency of blood pressure.

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