Lose weight with prunes

Losing weight in summer is easy thanks to the plums, which allow to eliminate the excess waste products, deflated belly and eliminate the stagnation of liquids.

The plum fresh, in fact, is a fruit that plays a’s action is diuretic, depurative and draining because it; is formed to be l’85% water. In addition, the plum provides lots of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, and is for this an excellent re-mineralising and toning. The sugars it contains the plum also provide sweet taste and stimulate the flow of bile. Contrary to those fresh to the plums dry contain  less water and fewer vitamins, but many of the più minerals, do not have toò to abuse during the diet because; they have many sugars within it.

Dimagrire con le prugne

The plum plays a’activitiesà laxative because of the fibers and the difenilisatina, which stimulates bowel movements. this substance is found mainly in the skin thereforeò l’effect of the plum è less laxative if this is consumed peeled or in the form of juice. You can eat plums together with yogurt or with muesli. If you want to drink a nice juice plum spuoi combine it with other juices is very effective like that of pear, apple and kiwi, which have good propertiesà anti swelling.

How to eat prunes

Eat the plums in the morning for the best start to the day. Serving it with a yogurt or with a little’, whole-grain cereal or a sandwich integral. Excellent for promoting the flow of bowel and deflate the belly. During the day eat a couple of plums as a snack to stop the hunger that looms.

In the afternoon, in order not to arrive home too hungry, especially if you’ve done sports, tip on plums to plug the hole in the stomach. Before going to sleep drink a nice herbal tea or a decoction with prunes to feel più light and go to sleep quiet. The plums re-enable while resting your metabolism, making you a più lean.

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